Turn-key methodology


Many organizations looking for just the right balance of innovation, flexibility, performance and investment protection, recognize the tremendous value of seeking a turnkey approach when it comes to acquisition and installation of HPC systems, software and services.

This is the approach taken by T-Platforms – a boutique approach that recognizes each large installation will have unique requirements.  From configuring a straightforward compute system to delivering a complete solution, including entire datacenter design and development, T-Platforms has the expertise and resources to be your one-stop technology, system and solution provider.

Since 2001 the company has completed close to 200 projects of which quite a few required a fully integrated, turnkey approach.  T-Platforms provides this as a part of its extensive portfolio,  which includes the assessment of customer needs,  development of project documentation, datacenter, infrastructure and compute system design and deployment, as well as facility management.

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