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V-Class modular systems are a perfect fit for compute clusters of various scales, server farms and higher-end cloud systems. V-Class delivers favorable system manageability when compared to competitive servers of similar form-factor. V-Class’ integrated management system provides centralized local and remote control for chassis and compute modules, even when nodes are turned off.

The absence of integrated switches in the chassis enables customers to choose their preferred network equipment and topologies to avoid port oversubscription without paying a premium for integrated switches or pass-through modules.

The V-Class’ standard architecture and energy-efficient design of V-Class enable cost-effective server farms and clusters without costly upgrades to engineering infrastructure.

A scalable architecture, extensive list of server modules, HPC- and datacenter-optimized specifications and durability protect customers’ technology investments and reduce total cost of V-Class ownership.


Product family features

  • Broad server range for Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 and v3 CPU families, a single server for AMD Opteron 6300 CPU family and unique 4-CPU server module for Elbrus-2S+ CPU by MCST
  • Standard modules — up to 20 CPUs per chassis
  • Double-width modules — up to 10 CPU and 10 GPU per chassis.
  • New SS and FS server modules for enterprise applications with hot-swap disk drives       
    • Local storage options with total volume up to 180 TB per chassis (5 × V200FS modules)
  • Certified solutions for Citrix XenServer 6.2 и NVIDIA Tesla/GRID
  • Peak performance as of end-2014:
    • Above 13,2 Tflops* for 10 V210S modules
    • Above 25,3 Tflops* for five V210F2 modules with 10 NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs in total
  • Optimized power consumption and reduced operational noise
  • Chassis with management controller and integrated management network
  • Web server interface for in-band and out-of-band management


* With AVX2 instruction set.

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