Based on Baikal


«T-Platforms» presents products based on the newest Russian processor Baikal-T1.

Baikal-T1 is an advanced dualcore SoC developed by Russian Baikal Electronics company, world’s first silicon implementation of the latest MIPS Warrior P5600 kernel from Imagination Technologies. 28 nm process makes it a high-performance, highly efficient SoC  with a wide range of modern high-speed interfaces. Hardware virtualization support with addition of special software make Baikal-T1 perfect for protected network equipment.

Processor features enable a broad spectrum of applications:

  • Embedded systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Communications
  • Terminal PCs
  • Automated transportation control
  • Medical equipment and various instrumentation
  • … and a lot more


The following T-Platforms products are based on Baikal-T1:

  • SF-BT1 processor module

Enables a significant acceleration and simplification of end-user product development.

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The list of T-Platforms products based on Baikal processors will be expanded.
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