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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 09:57

T-Platforms Launches the First Phase of Data Center for "Burevestnik" Central Research Institute

T-Platforms, a global supercomputer developer and a supplier of the full range of solutions and services for the high performance computing, today announced the launch of the first phase of the data center designed for modeling of perspective samples of the artillery weapons using high-performance computing technology that is being created for "Burevestnik" Central Research Institute (CNII "Burevestnik" JSC).

Information technology has become a key tool for improving the effectiveness of engineering and manufacturing processes at foreign enterprises in the military-industrial complex, aerospace, and many other high-tech industries. Evaluating these companies' experience, Russian enterprises are increasingly adopting information technology to improve their business processes.

In particular, leaders of CNII "Burevestnik", that specializes in the development of the artillery weapons for the Russian Army, Navy, and Airborne troops, made a decision to include the data center based on "Minin" computing cluster into the enterprise IT complex. The system being created by T-Platforms will enable the Institute to make optimal use of its scientific and technical potential to reduce development time and cost and improve product quality.

"Our Institute makes technically sophisticated products which will reliably serve for many decades in the harshest conditions. Research and development work to design new types of weapons require costly full-scale tests," said Georgy I. Zakamennyh, DPhil, Professor, General Director of CNII "Burevestnik" JSC, and Russian Federation Artillery Armament Chief Designer. "Over the last decade, CNII "Burevestnik" has created the integrated information framework providing the automation of all business processes and information support for the product life cycle. At this point, the use of information systems for enterprise resource planning and product information management has greatly improved the productivity and output.

Current conditions require new approaches. The experience of many Western companies shows that the use of high-performance computing technologies in the product design and testing allows you to move to a new level of analytical design – shorten time to market and improve the quality of products manufactured. Therefore, we are creating a data center based on high performance computing technologies for the Institute. Its deployment will allow us to effectively meet the challenges of multi-parameter optimization of products, and solve the problems of hydro-gaz-dinamics, dynamics of mechanisms and systems, strength, and other functional problems of our products. And thanks to the integration of the data center into a single enterprise information environment, we can make optimal use of scientific and technical potential of the Institute, which in turn will boost the gross profit. "

As the basis of the data center being created at CNII "Burevestnik", hybrid-architecture computational subsystem has been chosen. At present, its peak performance is 15 teraflops, and upon completion of the project it will exceed 50 teraflops. The use of compute nodes with integrated graphics accelerators helps to reduce time to solve the most demanding tasks related to engineering analysis of the product functioning processes. Panasas Active Store 12 Storage System included in the data center infrastructure refers to the fourth-generation DSS Panasas with a blade architecture that takes full advantage of Panasas®™ PanFS, the last-generation parallel file system, in combination with multi-core processors and integrated 10GbE technology. This system has a maximum performance among all DSS with parallel architecture which makes it an ideal solution for demanding applications using by science and manufacturing enterprises. Data center uninterrupted operation is provided by the infrastructure that includes cooling, automatic fire-suppression and uninterruptible power supply systems.

"Foreign enterprises of military-industrial complex, aerospace industry, heavy industry, and other economy sectors constantly show us the effectiveness of computing clusters in the new product development.For example, the developers of the U.S. missile defense system successfully use computing systems for modeling the missile interceptor trajectory, and Boeing engineers, thanks to a supercomputer, could increase Boeing-787 aircraft's commercial load by 45%. So doing, the company has reduced fuel consumption by 25% relative to the closest competitors in the long- and medium-haul airliners market", said Vsevolod Opanasenko, CEO of T-Platforms. "The experience of these companies is not ignored by domestic developers who adopt the practice of using supercomputing technology to improve their designs and create fundamentally new types of weapons. When commissioning the first phase of CNII "Burevestnik" data center, we take a step towards creating a solid foundation tor the revival of the national defense industry."

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